Monday, 17 October 2016

Andres Mejia with McKinsey - Tips For Playing Soccer

Andres Mejia with McKinsey enjoys many different kinds of sports and hobbies and soccer is one of his favorite. He enjoys playing soccer and watching games in person and on television. If you are new to soccer or want to improve as a player, these tips can help.

Andres Mejia Mckinsey

Play As A Team
Soccer is a team sport and should be played as a team. Keep this in mind as you are playing although you may have the ball and feel obligated to score, there are other people on your team who helped you get the ball and could also score.

Move The Ball More Thank Your Body
If you don’t want to tire quickly or easily you need to focus on moving the ball more than you move. You don't want to kick the ball too far ahead of you, but you want to dribble it at a fair distance to keep it moving faster than your body.

If you want to be a good soccer player you need to anticipate the others teams moves. Look around you and find the weak spots on the field. You can bet your opponent will do the same thing, make sure those weak spots are protected and be prepared to move that direction and stop the other team.

Andres Mejia McKinsey likes to stay busy and active. He plays soccer because it helps him stay and shape and is fun. If you want to learn how to play, follow the above tips to become a great soccer player.