Thursday, 3 March 2016

Andres Mejia of McKinsey & Co. - Talent Management

Andres Mejia is a client services lead with McKinsey & Co., a global management consulting firm. He focuses on serving clients on organizational health and performance, organizational design, and talent management.

Andres Mejia McKinsey 
Talent management refers to a set of organizational processes used by Human Resources departments to attract, motivate and retain productive and engaged employees. The goal is to create an organization that meets all of its strategic and operational objectives. In today’s modern global economy it is imperative that companies continually invest in their people.

At first, an organization’s employees are usually attracted by the pay and benefits that are offered to them, but that isn’t always enough to retain them over the long haul. Talent management strategies are driven by workforce trends such as the longer life expectancies of workers, and the increasingly global and virtual workforce. Many organizations are already recognizing and taking advantage of these trends, as in the case of The Home Depot, Inc. Home Depot focuses many staffing initiatives on older workers; they partner with the American Association of Retired People for referrals. As a result, fifteen percent of its workforce is over the age of fifty. And Proctor and Gamble focuses on getting a good mix of people in its talent management. Projected workforce changes and cost-effective ways to access talent are central to the next generation of talent management.

Andres Mejia McKinsey & Co. has served clients in the financial services and pharmaceutical industries. He has a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad de los Andes in his native Colombia.